February 19, 2015


Volume 1, Issue 14 – February 19, 2015


I was looking on Facebook on Sunday and was amused to see a video taken in Marietta, GA. It seems they just had a dusting of snow there and the video showed some parents pulling children around on plastic sleds. School was cancelled due to the weather Monday in many parts of Georgia, though I don’t know why—the forecast was for a high of 48°F with rain. There’ve been small amounts of snow during this week too, with more school closures. They really don’t have the means for dealing with cold weather, with only a relative few snowplows and the like. One thing that has impressed me up here in the North Country is how quickly and effectively they clean the roads—even while the snowfall is occurring.

We apparently had the coldest weather in the country here from Sunday into Monday—the low was -18°F here, with a wind-chill of more like -35°F. Some locations with wind-chill reached the point where the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures are the same (I remember solving for that on an engineering exam when I was a freshman—it’s a favorite problem for engineering professors). In case you want to know how to solve for that, remember that the conversion formula from °F to °C is

°C = (°F -32)(5/9).

Since we’re looking for the point at which the two temperatures are equal, °C = °F, and:

                                    °F = (°F – 32)(5/9)

                                    (9/5) °F = °F – 32

                                    (9/5) °F – °F = -32

                                    4/5 °F = -32

                                    °F = (5/4)(-32) = -40

Now they’re talking about the polar vortex in the news again, bringing below zero temperatures as far south as DC, Kentucky and Tennessee later this week. As for us, nothing unusual weather-wise.


Student Issues

I got a comment from a student about an elevator in Grasse River Suites that had been broken for three weeks. The student wrote: “It’s really inconvenient to live on one side of the suites, and have to lug bags or books to the other side because only one elevator works. Is there anything you can do?”

You’ll be glad to know that our efficient custodial staff were on this, and had ordered the necessary part to fix it back on January 27. The parts actually had to be built for the application. Anyway, as of 11:00 am on February 13, the elevator is fixed and running.

Remember–if you’re aware of a problem that needs to be addressed, we want to know about it. Be sure to reply to this blog. I’ll keep your name confidential, but we’ll address your issue.


SUNY Canton Shout-Outs

There have been lots of good things happening involving SUNY Canton. Here are just some of them:



SUNY Canton Senior’s Clothing Line is a Hit in the Hip-Hop Community!

Danesha Williams, a senior in Graphic and Multimedia Design, is the cofounder of the clothing line Riotte Latimore with SUNY Canton grad Christina Thomas. Currently working out of her off-campus apartment, Danesha is producing cut-and-sew designs on hooded sweatshirts, shirts, and pants, which are then manufactured in China. How cool is that?

An article on her success recently appeared in the Watertown Daily Times, and can be seen by clicking here. Her clothing was recently worn by hip-hop artist Dej Loaf at her concert in Toronto, and a number of items on her website (here) are sold out. Danesha is also managing Michael Wallace, a SUNY Canton senior who recently won a rap music competition and is flying to Los Angeles, under her independent record label Empire the Nation Records.

Clearly, SUNY Canton students and graduates are taking over the fashion and music industries, which is obviously as things should be.


SUNY Canton athletes have been active in supporting several worthy causes during half-time of their games. On February 6, during halftime of the men’s ice hockey game against Cortland (which we lost 6-5 in an overtime heartbreaker), the women’s ice hockey team played a challenging game of sled hockey against members of the Wounded Warriors.

On February 7, on their way to beating Albany Pharmacy 82-46, our men’s basketball team hosted the North Country Region Special Olympics Shamrocks basketball team. Coached by Lesley Thompson, the Shamrocks played a well-received exhibition at half-time.

Also on February 7, our women’s basketball team hosted the Canton modified 7/8th grade girls basketball team for a 4 on 4 game to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day. At both games that evening, members of the seven different SUNY Canton women’s teams (basketball, cross-country, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and volleyball) were honored.


Congratulations to all who were involved in these activities, and especially to our female athletes!



On January 31, several SUNY Canton students attended the Annual CSTEP Regional Career Exploration Symposium, hosted this year at Clarkson University and attended by CSTEP students from all four of the Associated Colleges.  The two keynote speakers were Calvin Mackey and Don Asher.

Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award-winning mentor, acclaimed author and motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. He has won numerous awards including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, which was presented in a White House ceremony. Donald Asher is a nationally known speaker and writer on the topics of careers and higher education and the author of 12 books, including “Cracking the Hidden Job Market”, “Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why” and “From College to Career”.  He is also a contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal.

The Symposium also offered various workshops and panels in several of the STEM, Health and Licensed professions. Pierre Nzuah, a senior Engineering student, represented SUNY Canton as our Senior Speaker this year.  Pierre told his story about growing up with 15 siblings in a poor family in Africa, to becoming a successful Engineering student who’ll be attending Clarkson’s Master’s program next year.

It was a fun and educational day for all who attended.  The students enjoyed the speakers, the workshops, the dinner, and especially networking with CSTEP students from the other universities.


Love Your Library Day

Thursday, February 12 was “Love Your Library” day, with heart-shaped cookies, punch, and a drawing for an iPad on feature at SUNY Canton’s Southworth Library. Students were asked to fill out a brief survey on what they thought the library’s most useful features were, as well as what they’d like to see added. They could also double their chances of winning by doing a brief library search to find a particular book. Adding to the festivities, Dean Mollie Mott was dressed for the occasion as the Queen of Hearts, posing for pictures with the many folks stopping by. This is just one of the many cool outreach efforts by our library, which is a fantastic student-centered resource for our entire community.



Title IX Poster Competition

I was one of four guest judges in a poster competition by Canton Central High School students to design a poster to celebrate Title IX and how it has led to more equal gender participation in sports. The winner of the contest was Hailey Leonard, a student in Grade 12. The winning poster is below. Congratulations Hailey!


Me, Amanda Rowley, and the winning entry


Meet Some of our New International Students

SUNY Canton has signed an articulation agreement with the P.K. Fokam Institute of Excellence, a university in Cameroon, in West Africa. I had worked with this university for several years at my previous college, and I’m glad to see some of their fine students will now be coming to Canton. The first two students under this articulation just arrived this semester—Diane Kanmougne-Mognue and Loic Kamwa-Silatchom.  I know they’ll enjoy their time here, though it’s probably a lot colder than they’re used to!

Zvi-International Students 2015



Last Week’s Trivia Contest

Last week’s trivia contest had to do with the word “first”. Our winner was Justin Stancevic-Bedosky, who wins a gift card. Just come up to the office at Room 616 in the FOB to get your prize, Justin. The only other person getting all the answers right was Jason Matice.

  1. In football, you get this when you gain 10 yards. A first down.
  2. This kind of kit usually contains bandages, antiseptic, antibiotics, antihystamines, etc. First aid kit.
  3. This year’s will come on March 20. First day of spring (we hope!).
  4. “Dr. No”, starring Sean Connery. There have been more than 20 others so far. First James Bond movie.




This Week’s Trivia Challenge

This Trivia Challenge has every answer being a famous person named Fred. The first reply with the most answers right takes the prize.  No looking up the answers now!  SEND ALL ENTRIES BY EMAIL TO answers@canton.edu since if you put them as a response on the BLOG, everyone will be able to see them!

  1. Famous resident of Bedrock, his wife’s name is Wilma and his daughter is named Pebbles.
  2. Main fictional character in “Nightmare on Elm Street”.
  3. Lead singer of Limp Bizkit.
  4. He played Kevin Arnold in the TV show “The Wonder Years”.
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