September 17, 2015


Volume 2, Issue 3 – September 17, 2015


Moving On Up


U.S. News & World Report just issued its annual rankings on colleges and universities in the US, and SUNY Canton has moved up quite a bit.  Last year, we were #61 on the list of Best Regional Colleges—North.  This year, in the 2016 edition, we’ve moved up seventeen clicks to #44.  Schools are ranked on up to 16 measures of academic excellence, with outcome-related measures, such as graduation and retention rates, being the most heavily weighted factors in the methodology.

SUNY Canton also made their national list for best online programs in 2016, coming in 58th in the country, and 2nd in SUNY, the same as last year.

Lookin’ good, folks!



New Tennis Courts


You may have noticed the beautiful new tennis courts (which also serve as outdoor basketball courts) at the other side of Dana Hall from the parking lots.  Last year, our student government leaders raised the issue that the old courts were in bad shape, and could we redo them, so that they could be used for other sports too?  We were glad to oblige, and they look absolutely fabulous!  Please don’t use the courts until the gates aren’t locked—we want to give the paint and coloring agents time to set so they’ll last for a good while.



It’s On Us

Our public relations team at the college has put out a video called “It’s On Us”, to draw attention to the issue of sexual violence, and how everyone can help make our campus a safer place.  Lots of students, faculty, and staff participated.  I’m even in there for a minute toward the end.  Take a look, and remember: It’s on us to make SUNY Canton as safe a place as possible—for all of us.



9-11 Memorial

9-11_Memorial_Project_-_CaliforniaOn September 11th, SUNY Canton marked the 14th anniversary of the 9-11-2001 attack with a remembrance ceremony at the end of Payson Hall, hosted by our Criminal Justice program.  The ceremony was brief and moving, and began with a color guard, followed by Prof. Tony Bean singing the national anthem, and Father Doug Lucia giving a beautiful invocation.  I said a few words about the importance of memory, and Provost Doug Schiedt gave a short keynote speech.  Prof. William Fassinger spoke about the heroism of the police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. The ceremony concluded with bagpiper Robert House playing “Amazing Grace”.  I’m not sure how many colleges and universities have held a remembrance ceremony every year since 2001, but I’m sure proud that we have.



Report from Albany

Last Wednesday evening, I flew down to Albany from Ogdensburg for the SUNY Board of Trustees meeting the next day.  The flight was uneventful, though it got a bit windy for the last five minutes and just as we were landing, there was a gust of wind that made us hit the ground with a clunk.

After breakfast the next morning, I walked over to the law offices where the BoT meeting was being held, and met up with David Belsky and Rachel Haot, who were my co-presenters of the report from the Social Media Responsibility Task Force that Rachel and I co-chaired.  The presentation went well, and the eight recommendations from the Task Force were well received.  The report will be circulated for comments from the SUNY campuses and the public in the near future, with a final vote on adoption planned for November.



Sports News 


Roos Sports Media

A recently formed student group on campus called Roos Sports Media has created and edited some impressive videos highlighting our student-athletes. Check out their videos below!


Opening Week Awards

Seven different SUNY Canton student-athletes earned awards from either the ECAC or USCAA for their efforts in their respective sports during opening week.  Congratulations to all on their  hard work!

  • Àine McMorrow – ECAC Upstate Women’s Cross Country Rookie Runner of the Week – STORY
  • Kelsi Gilbert – ECAC Upstate Women’s Soccer Defensive Player of the Week – STORY
  • Robyn Carroll – ECAC Metro/Upstate Women’s Volleyball Libero of the Week – STORY
  • Peyton Robinson – ECAC Metro/Upstate Women’s Volleyball Rookie of the Week – STORY
  • Kristina DiNardo – USCAA Women’s Soccer Player of the Week – STORY
  • Kelsy Cornish – USCAA Women’s Volleyball Player of the Week – STORY
  • Nolan Reid – USCAA Men’s Golfer Player of the Week – STORY



Trivia Contest

Last week’s trivia contest was all about superheroes.  And you know what?  For the first time, we had no winners!  So, we’ll try this one again, since I know you can do it.  The first reply with the most answers right takes the prize.  No looking up the answers now!  SEND ALL ENTRIES BY EMAIL TO since if you put them as a response on the BLOG, everyone will be able to see them!

  1. He lives in Central City and is the fastest man alive.
  2. Raised on Paradise Island, her secret identity is Diana Prince and she likes to play ‘bullets and bracelets’.
  3. The original ones were the Hulk, Giant-man, the Wasp, and Iron Man; Captain America joined later.
  4. His two girlfriends were Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacey.
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